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Vanguard Technical Solutions is a company dedicated to providing business solutions using the latest technology to advance and enhance a corporation or businesses bottom line profits by creating comprehensive, robust technological solutions, which result in an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of daily business operations.

These solutions are designed to meet your specific business objectives by designing a customized application when standard technology cannot meet these requirements.  We understand that each business is unique and therefore faces unique challenges that often require unique solutions to resolve them.

Many businesses do not have the resources to maintain a full time programming staff to tackle these technology needs.  In these instances, it is far easier and more cost effective to outsource the design, implementation, deployment and support of your specialized application to another company.

We can fill that gap with experienced personnel who have over 25 years of real world proven business experience handling and solving these unique technical challenges.

We have a proven track record of designing applications which meet or exceed our client’s expectations and we delivery on-time and on budget.  We provide various consulting services that allow you to tailor your needs to the specific situation.

Why should I have a customized software application developed for my business?

Competitive Edge

Pre-existing software is likely going to close to or the same as what your competition is already using. When you have the exact same tools at your disposal, it’s less likely you’re going to be able to effectively differentiate yourself and progressively move up in the marketplace. With your own custom software solution at your disposal, not only do you have a proprietary platform that can meet all of your specific needs, it can also be built with the goal of outperforming specific weaknesses in what’s available to the rest of your competitors. By investing in software that is built to your specifications, you create a unique opportunity that none of your competition will have access to.

Flexibility & Scalability

In order to compete with other already available software, pre-packaged options don’t often integrate with the other systems you may be working with. Custom software solutions can be built to accommodate these other facets of your business. Custom work can be tailored towards your organization's specific skill sets and can be grown with you, as additional modules or updates can be easily built out to accommodate any changes in staffing, business direction or product variations.

Increased Productivity

Programs that are specifically designed with your needs in mind can enable your organization to work faster and more efficiently . You can create one comprehensive technology platform. An integrated platform can yield major efficiency gains since all the data is one place and users do not have to switch between different or applications to accomplish specific tasks.  VTS has designed many customized solutions that only work for that specific client.  Their specific needs are simply to unique to translate to another similar organization.

Tailored to Your Business

When you purchase or license someone else’s software, you’re investing in their business. When you have your own custom software solution, you’re investing in your own. It gives your business another asset that’s internally owned and can be sold, licensed, or packaged as software-as-a-service (SaaS). This can open up many new doors for potential income streams. It’s also a fully brandable tool that can add a deeper sense of emersion for your employees, when they’re working with your own company’s tools all day, as opposed to someone else’s.

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